E-mail consultation

D1010002sI provide e-mail consultation in the case of distance excluding a meeting, as well as in the case of separation anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders

To get consultation through e-mail you need to describe problems in details. After identifying the problem I’ll decide if treatment in this case can be conducted by e-mail.

I send questionnaire which need to be completed in details and resend to me. In the case of cat problems consultation I additionally need  apartment drawing  and pictures of all rooms.

In the case of separation anxiety it is necessary to make a video showing dog’s                                                                                                          behavior home alone.

E-mail consultation fee is 300 PLN  and covers diagnosis of the problem base on symptoms description, treatment and  6  short e-mail consultations within 6 weeks in the case additional advice is required.

Payment must be wired directly to the account

Jolanta Łapińska

Payment in PLN   02 1240 1125 1111 0010 2532 7095

Payment in EURO  PL42124011251978001039805477

Swiftcode PKOPPLPW