Do you love your pet but not its behavior? You are not alone!

iStock_000004668165XSmallBehavioral problems in companion animals are very common.

The most prevalent problems encountered in dogs include disobedience, destruction of household property, pulling on the leash, inability to adapt to a new environment, escapes during walks, separation anxiety, aggression towards people or other dogs, vehicle chasing or house soiling.



Dogs also suffer from nervous disorders manifested by hyperactivity, aggression, anxiety, phobia or depression as well as by compulsive behaviors such as excessive licking and flank sucking, persistent barking or howling, tail chasing and pacing.

Cat owners most often complain about territorial urine marking, inappropriate elimination outside of the litter box, furniture scratching, aggression with owner, other cats, or people within the household but also seek help for feline anxiety disorders, obesity, excessive licking and social structure dysfunctions in cat groups.


iStock_000001833351XSmall++Undesirable behavior is one of the main reasons for abandonment to shelters or euthanasia of young and healthy animals. My goal is to work with pet owners and their dogs or cats on behavior changes and proper communication that will correct the problem, improve their four-legged friend’s comfort, bring back the joy of the relationship with a beloved pet and ultimately save lives of many unwanted animals.