About me

IMG_4617I always loved animals and wanted to help them. This desire motivated me to enter the study of veterinary medicine at Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW), from which I graduated in 1992. Being around animals and observing them ignited my fascination with their psyche and behavior. In my quest to understand them better I’ve been pursuing all available knowledge in the field of animal psychology.

As a result I completed a course at the European School of Animal Psychology (Europejskie Studium Psychologii Zwierząt) and became a certified specialist in animal psychology and companion animal behavioral therapy, legally entitled to practice the profession.


All creatures are dear to my heart with a special affinity  for cats, dogs and horses, which are an essential part of my everyday life.

My passion and goal is to help problem animals, whose trouble causing behavior is often poorly understood by their well-meaning caretakers, while helping people to better understand and communicate  with their four-legged companions.