A zoopsychologist specializes in restoring a positive relationship between a pet caretaker and his animal companion, provides advice, helps build a lasting and mutually satisfactory bond between the pet and his owner but foremost works on eliminating or reducing undesired behaviors in dogs and cats that make their owners miserable. To assure best therapy results, it’s important for pet owners to recognize the potential severity of a behavior problem and get help in the early stages instead of waiting until the problem is critical.

Services provided:


  • Therapy resolving aggression and separation anxiety issues (a dog doesn’t tolerate being alone at home well), depression, sexual and age related disorders, hyperactivity and over excitability
  • Dog’s scenting classes as a form of activity therapy to build confidence and to reinforce the bond between dog and owner
  • Supervised walks for poorly socialized or agressive dogs
  • Assistance with buying/adopting the right pet
  • Psychological tests for cats
  • Puppy personality tests
  • Lectures on companion animal psychology on request



Treatment typically involves a combination of behavior modification for pets and management changes for owners. In some cases, using behavior modification as well as pharmacological therapy is required to resolve difficult behavioral disorders. Drug treatment must always be used in conjunction with a behavior altering therapy otherwise the positive therapeutical effect will disappear with the last dosage of the prescribed medication. In addition to the traditional methods of therapy I use a combination of herbs and relaxation massage for dogs and cats.